Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruits – Simple Healthy Snack!

I was browsing through the internet and came across this super easy super healthy fun snack idea! I have LOTS of blueberries that I got for cheap and this is a perfect way to consume them! I’ve also been obsessed with Greek yogurt, so I had plenty of that in my fridge.
First, I washed the blueberries.
Since we use plain Greek yogurt, I dumped some out into a bowl and mixed in some honey. Mmm honey… Then, I used a long skewer (I didn’t have any toothpicks) to dunk the blueberries into the bowl of yogurt and used another skewer to push it off onto a cookie sheet.
Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruits - Simple Healthy Snack
Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruits – Simple Healthy Snack
I also had a bunch of strawberries and bananas, so I cut those up into bite-size pieces and covered them up with yogurt, too.
I put the cookie sheet into the freezer and left it in there while Y. and I ran some errands and played at the park. I would say they were in there for about 2 hours, but I think they would be fine after 1 hour.
I took some fruits off the cookie sheet and put them in a little bowl for Y. The rest went back into the freezer for a later time.
Y. LOVED them. They’re super delicious and it was a perfect cold snack after running around at the park!
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