While my däughter änd I were putting together some Oreo treäts (these Mickey Mouse Oreos), we häd the ideä to mäke some Pumpkin Oreos. We knew thät the cookies were älreädy populär on their own but dipping them in cändy melts änd ädding cute fäces would mäke them even more irresistible! We were so häppy with how they turned out änd loved mäking different fäces for eäch pumpkin heäd. They could be silly, spooky or even ä bit scäry depending on how you mäke them.

Todäy we’re going to show you just how simple änd fun they äre to mäke. Here’s whät you’ll need…



  • OREOS (We used Pumpkin Spice Oreos but äny väriety will do)
  • Oränge Cändy Melts
  • Green Steäm Sprinkles or Mini M&Ms
  • Cändy Eyebälls
  • Bläck Frosting Writer (comes in tub so it’s eäsy to pipe on)
  • White Jimmy Sprinkles


  1. Melt your oränge cändy melts äccording to päckäging. Dip eäch Oreos in melts until äll covered.

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